What is the point in having the freedom if you’re too sick to utilize it?


Healthcare must be made a right to secure ALL of our other rights. 

Clayton Tucker will be a strong voice for healthcare in the Texas Senate.

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  • Expand coverage to all residents, including expanding Medicaid.

  • Ensure affordability for all, end price gouging, and control costs.

  • Protect woman's health, including combating the maternal mortality crisis.

  • Boost mental health to end the suicide epidemic. 

  • Protect Texas from all future pandemics.

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Medicaid Expansion

3.7 million Texans, with 735,000 children, are uninsured. Expanding Medicaid is a part of the solution to getting this number down to 0. Texas is also losing about $10 billion a year from not expanding Medicaid.  

The Texas Option

Texas​ cities, counties, school districts, and other local governments have little negotiating power when it comes to getting the best prices for their employees. The Texas Option will pool all local governments into a single negotiating block, dramatically lowering healthcare costs. This will directly cause your property taxes to be lowered. 

Healthy Texas Act

The ​Healthy Texas Act will provide universal healthcare to all Texans. We don't need to wait on DC to fix our healthcare. Healthy Texas will incorporate Medicaid and the Texas Option.

Medical Marijuana

Clayton ​Tucker supports full-plant medical marijuana to everyone who needs it. 

See Clayton's full cannabis plans here.

Women's Health

Clayton Tucker fully supports women's health and bodily autonomy. 

Childhood Health

Clayton Tucker fully supports physical, mental, behavioral, and all other forms of healthcare for children, including children with autism and other special needs. Full family health is critical to the Texas Dream. 

Rural Hospital Crisis

161 rural hospitals have closed since 2005, 23 of which are in Texas. Clayton fully supports measures to end the medical deserts in rural Texas. To achieve this, Clayton Tucker will expand Medicaid, invest in rural broadband (for telemedicine), and more.

Veteran Health

22 veterans die by suicide each day and the VA is not property funded (thereby causing delays). Clayton Tucker will promote medical marijuana, suicide prevention practices and interventions, will create programs that will allow veterans to receive VA-quality and appropriately priced healthcare from non-VA clinics, and will lobby for the federal government to boost VA funding. 

Suicide Crisis

129 ​Americans die of suicide each day (22 of which are veterans), or a total of 47,000 each year. Clayton Tucker will greatly boost funding in mental healthcare. 

Mental Healthcare

Clayton Tucker is a strong advocate for mental health. Mental health is a critical component of overall healthcare. 

Opioid Crisis

Clayton Tucker will lead the charge in legalizing medical marijuana to lower opioid use and dependence.  

Prescription Drugs

Prescription drugs are 2-3 times more expensive in the USA as compared to other developed nations. The reason is Medicare is unable to negotiate drug prices, thereby allowing Big Pharma to abuse their power. Clayton Tucker will seek to create a non-partisan commission that will negotiate drug prices for all Texans. 

Maternal Mortality Crisis

The maternal mortality rate for the USA is 4-6 times higher as compared to other developed nations (26.4 vs 6.3 per 100,000). In Texas, maternal mortality is especially devastating for African American women, whose maternal mortality rate is 3 times the US average (67.3 vs 26.4 per 100,000). Clayton Tucker will fight to end this injustice by boosting pre- and postnatal care, access to quality clinics, and more. 

Click here to learn more about Clayton's plans to combat the Maternal Mortality Crisis.

Healthy Food

We are what we eat (literally), so it is beyond important for us to promote healthy food. This includes healthy food for school kids, allowing students to take leftover cafeteria food home, create policies to lower the price of fruits and vegetables, and combat food deserts. 

Clean Water

Everyone deserves clean water. Clayton Tucker will protect our water supply from lead and other contamination. 

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Please mail all checks to P.O. Box 10399 Killeen, TX 76547