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Education is the foundation of personal freedom. 

Education is empowerment. We need to empower ourselves and our children for now and the future. 

Clayton Tucker will be a strong voice for education in the Texas Senate.


  • Drastically boost school funding & make the state pay its fair share.

  • No public money to charter schools. 

  • Strengthen education unions and boost staff pay. 

  • Tuition-free public technical schools, community schools, and public universities for Texans.

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Fund public education

The state needs to pay its fair share in school funding.​ Currently, the state is using local governments as a crutch to not property fund education; this, in turn, causes property taxes to rise and disproportionately hurts children in poorer zip codes.

School Finance is a complicated topic. Click here to read Clayton's thoughts about how we can increase School Funding.

School Vouchers

Clayton Tucker is against using public money to fund private charter schools.

Train & Retain Teachers

Too many Texas teachers and support staff are under-trained and under-paid, thereby causing too many teachers to leave the profession. Teaching is the profession that creates all other professions; they should be paid as such. 

Childhood Hunger

Clayton Tucker believes it is our moral duty to our community to end childhood hunger. School districts should spend more on school food, and allow children, prioritizing those from food-insecure households, to take leftover food home with them.

Childhood Homelessness

No child ​should be homeless. The state should do all that it can to help struggling families get back on their feet with affordable housing. Education is a key to breaking the cycle of poverty; every educated child is an immeasurable investment into our community's future. 

School Safety

We must protect our children from mass shootings. ​This includes creating a Vets for Students program where veterans can serve their communities as school de-escalation ambassadors. These veterans will be trained in non-violent de-escalation techniques (such as restorative justice and peer-to-peer mediation, with a focus on de-escalation with students with behavior disabilities), basics in pedagogy, and more. 

Expanding Medicaid will also boost school safety as it will help provide behavioral and mental healthcare to struggling youth. 

Whereas Texas launched a public education campaign about drunk driving, thereby causing the number of DUI's to decrease, Texas also needs to invest in public education campaigns about gun safes and other child gun safety techniques.

Teachers Unions

Teacher unions need to be protected, expanded, and to have their rights to truly negotiate restored. 

Teacher Retirement

All of those who dedicate their lives to empowering children and our community deserve a happy and secure retirement. The Teacher Retirement System needs protection.

Rural Schools

Rural schools are the lifeblood of rural communities. They need to be protected from Far-Right groups like Empower Texans who seek to dismantle rural public schools.

School to Prison Pipeline

The school to prison pipeline is a remnant of Jim Crow (i.e. 1 in 4 African American students with disabilities are affected, in comparison to 1 in 11 white students). ​The pipeline does not stop violence, it creates it. 

Clayton Tucker will fight to dismantle the school to prison pipeline by 1) expand Medicaid and other healthcare to all children, 2) boost school funding and work to decouple the quality of schools to their zip codes, 3) increase the recruitment of teachers of color,  4) require restorative justice and peer-to-peer mediation before punishment, and more.

Universal Pre-K

As a former kindergarten teacher, Clayton Tucker knows the importance of starting young. Clayton believes​ every child deserves access to universal pre-k.

Higher Education

The economy is changing. Texas children now need to compete with children from all around the world for jobs and opportunities. In many countries, public higher education (i.e. community colleges, technical schools, and universities)​ is effectively free. 

If future Texans are going to compete in the new global reality, they need the finest education without the burden of crushing student debt. Texas public higher education needs to compete with global costs while keeping (if not boosting) our standards of quality.

In other words, higher education needs to be effectively free. 

Student Debt Crisis

Clayton graduated with nearly $30,000 in student debt with his family taking on nearly $50,000. Most student loans have high-interest rates (upwards to 7%)​ and are immune to bankruptcy laws. Clayton himself has to pay upwards to $9,000 in INTEREST PAYMENTS ALONE (bringing the true cost to nearly $40,000) simply because he had to take out loans.  

This is why the millennial generation is struggling to start new businesses, start families, and why we have lower standards of living as compared to recent generations. Coming into age during the Great Recession, most millennials started off earning less than their past peers for the same work. We are still feeling the consequences of this. 

Clayton Tucker supports canceling all student debt and will pressure the federal government to take such measures.

Personal Finance for High Schools

Clayton Tucker supports requiring high schools to teach personal finance to students. This is an important skill that all students need to know as they transition to adulthood. 

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Please mail all checks to P.O. Box 10399 Killeen, TX 76547