Maternal Mortality Crisis

The maternal mortality rate for the USA is 4-6 times higher as compared to other developed nations (26.4 vs 6.3 per 100,000). In Texas, maternal mortality is especially devastating for African American women, whose maternal mortality rate is 3 times the US average (67.3 vs 26.4 per 100,000).


Clayton Tucker will fight to end this injustice by boosting pre- and postnatal care, access to quality clinics, and more. 

Understanding the Solutions


All women, though especially women of color, need better chronic health management. Quality prenatal care is vital as well.


There are a variety of methods that have been shown to greatly decreased hemorrhages. Reducing unnecessary c-sections (which stems from epidurals, use of lithotomy position, and use of Pitocin to speed up labor), use of hemorrhage control crash carts. Other states have reduced their maternal mortality rates by 50% alone by focusing just on the management of delivery.


The use of paid maternity leave and other programs to support new mothers is associated with decreased mortality rates. 

*Maternal mortality statistics include mothers up to 1 year after giving birth as complications from birth can be delayed.

Clayton's Plans:

Medicaid Expansion

3.7 million Texans, with 735,000 children, are uninsured. Expanding Medicaid is a part of the solution to getting this number down to 0. Texas is also losing about $10 billion a year from not expanding Medicaid.  

The Texas Option

Texas​ cities, counties, school districts, and other local governments have little negotiating power when it comes to getting the best prices for their employees. The Texas Option will pool all local governments into a single negotiating block, dramatically lowering healthcare costs. This will directly cause your property taxes to be lowered. 

Healthy Texas Act

The ​Healthy Texas Act will provide universal healthcare to all Texans. We don't need to wait on DC to fix our healthcare. Healthy Texas will incorporate Medicaid and the Texas Option.

Increased Training

Clayton Tucker supports requiring increased training for doctors and nurses regarding maternity issues for women of color.

Increased Diversity

A strong step forward towards dismantling institutionalized racism or other bias within any segment of society is to increase racial and gender diversity of professionals. Clayton Tucker will help Texas schools create programs to increase the number and diversity of our doctors and nurses. 

Paid Parental Leave

Paid parental leave is associated with decreased maternal mortality rates. Clayton Tucker will fight to create a program that ensures all new parents have paid leave from their work.


Please mail all checks to P.O. Box 10399 Killeen, TX 76547