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Texas is the friendship state. It's time our state government represents that.

Clayton Tucker is an ally for immigration reform.

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  • End the practice of family separation.

  • Protect DREAMers & others going through the system.

  • Speed up the immigration process by investing in more resources.  

  • Combat racism.

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Family Separation

When Clayton Tucker lived in Taiwan, a Taiwanese custom agent mistakenly gave his passport the wrong stamp. Only when Clayton attempted to turn his traveler's visa into a working visa did he learn ​about the mistake and its implications: it meant he was illegally living in Taiwan. 

The Taiwanese government did not separate Clayton from his work (or life) during this time, rather—given that he did not have a criminal record—they provided him sanctuary until the issue was resolved. 

Clayton Tucker believes Texas ought to pay the same courtesy to immigrants in Texas. Immigration paperwork is long and confusing; Clayton recognizes the process is not simple.  Clayton's grandmother was British and it took her nearly 25 years and a lot of resources to get her citizenship. As such, Clayton will seek laws to protect peaceful immigrants as they work through the legal paperwork. 

With Texas being the friendship state, Clayton Tucker will not in any way, shape, or form tolerate family separation. 


Clayton Tucker will do all that he can to advocate and provide protection for young Americans who grew up in the USA after immigrating to the USA as young children without documentation (often called DREAMers) as well as all those working through our immigration process. 

Speed up the Process

Our immigration process is too slow. This is partly to do with vast under-funding of immigration judges and more.​ Clayton Tucker will advocate for speeding up the process by investing more resources  into our legal system. 

Pay gap

Clayton Tucker will seek means to end pay discrimination in all of its forms. Equal pay for equal work should be a guarantee for all those who work in Texas.

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Please mail all checks to P.O. Box 10399 Killeen, TX 76547