Civil Rights

A threat to one is a threat to all. 


We're only safe when everyone is safe. We are only free when everyone is free.

Clayton Tucker will be a strong voice for civil rights in the Texas Senate.


  • End the prohibition of Cannabis.

  • Bail reform.

  • Create community re-entry programs.  

  • Combat institutionalized racism.


Texas Fair Justice Act

Clayton Tucker plans to support the Texas Fair Justice Act as proposed by the Texas Coalition of Black Democrats. 

The Act includes: 

  1. Statewide legalization of cannabis

  2. Set up community re-entry programs

  3. Fair bail reform

  4. Protecting against officer abuses of discretion

  5. Set up and mandate practices for restorative justice

  6. Diversion programs and other prison alternatives

  7. Rehabilitation

  8. Ban the box

  9. Community Policing

Click here to learn more about The Texas Fair Justice Act.

See Clayton's full Cannabis plans here.


"Of all the forms of inequality, injustice in health is the most shocking and inhuman.”


Clayton Tucker will fight to ensure all Texans have quality healthcare. See Clayton's Healthcare plans here.


The maternal mortality rate for the USA is 4-6 times higher as compared to other developed nations (26.4 vs 6.3 per 100,000). In Texas, maternal mortality is especially devastating for African American women, whose maternal mortality rate is 3 times the US average (67.3 vs 26.4 per 100,000). Clayton Tucker will fight to end this injustice by boosting pre- and postnatal care, access to quality clinics, and more. 


When housing isn't affordable, nothing is. The pay gap especially harms minorities in regards to affordable housing. Clayton Tucker will seek to lower housing costs for all Texans ​to ensure all have a place to call home. 


Food deserts should not exist in a state as rich and powerful as ours. Food deserts are common in neighborhoods of color. Clayton Tucker will promote policies that will empower and mandate local communities to remove food deserts.


Having grown up around guns in the Texas countryside, Clayton Tucker recognizes how important guns are to Texans. Clayton believes guns should be treated similarly to cars—just because everyone needs a license and has to wear a seatbelt, this does not limit our freedom to use cars. Just as a "well regulated Militia" is necessary to the security of a free State, requiring a driver's license and wearing a seatbelt are parts of "well regulated" use of cars.

Here are ways to increase public safety while protecting our freedom :

  1. Improve our universal background checks.

  2. Close the gun show loophole to prevent people with violent histories from getting guns.

  3. Data shows that the best predictor of future gun violence is past violence. As such, Clayton does not believe domestic abusers should not be trusted with guns. 

  4. Clayton will seek to close the boyfriend loophole.  

  5. Clayton will put the collective desires of his constituents above any lobby or PAC. 

  6. Clayton knows that people with chronic pain and/or mental health diagnoses are not statistically more prone to violent behavior, and should not be under greater scrutiny for seeking treatment. In fact, they are more likely to be victims of violence, and access to treatment is essential. As such, Clayton does not want law-abiding Texans with Medical Marijuana licenses to be automatically barred from buying firearms.

See Clayton's full cannabis plans here.

4TH AMENDMENT (Search & Seizures)

Clayton Tucker recognizes that the War on Drugs has led to the weakening of Texan's 4th Amendment right against unreasonable search and seizures. Clayton will seek for ways Texas can adequately protect our rights, including lobbying the federal government for change.

See Clayton's full cannabis plans here.


Clayton Tucker will fight to secure the voting rights for all Texans.


The school to prison pipeline is a remnant of Jim Crow (1 in 4 African American students with disabilities are affected, in comparison to 1 in 11 white students). ​The pipeline does not stop violence, it creates it. 

Clayton Tucker will fight to dismantle the school to prison pipeline by 1) expand Medicaid and other healthcare to all children, 2) boost school funding and work to decouple the quality of schools to their zip codes, 3) increase the recruitment of teachers of color,  4) require restorative justice and peer-to-peer mediation before punishment, and more.

Pay gap

Clayton Tucker will seek means to end pay discrimination in all of its forms. Equal pay for equal work should be a guarantee for all those who work in Texas.


Clayton Tucker is an unabashed supporter of LGBTQIA+ rights and freedom. Clayton believes that the government has no business in the bedroom. 

Mass Incarceration

Clayton Tucker recognizes the system of Mass Incarceration is the reincarnation of Jim Crow. Even though illegal drug use is equal between races, African Americans are disproportionately targeted. Once being labeled a felon, they are barred from gainful employment, education, housing, sometimes voting, and many other public services; thereby forcing many into crime. 


No one imagines Paul Manafort or Roger Stone when they hear the word "criminal" or "felon." No one asks about "white criminals" or "white-on-white crime." The reason being is that the language of criminality (in a 1984 fashion) has been racialized. This stigma thereby harms all African Americans, just as the stigma of being black harmed all during Jim Crow—even those who didn't live in the South.


Through many of the policies listed above, Clayton Tucker will seek to be an ally in the fight to dismantle the new Jim Crow. 

Suggested reading for my brothers and sisters: The New Jim Crow by Michele Alexander.


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